Forgot your WordPress password ? and even you are not able to reset your password via email ?. Don’t wary, today i show you how to change or reset your WordPress admin password from phpMyAdmin in cPanel. Just follow these instruction step by step :

1 looking for phpMyAdmin in cPanel :

open your website cpanel or other admin panel, where you can access your MySQL database and open it via phpMyAdmin



When you opened your phpMyAdmin, you will need to select correct database in left side of the panel. Let me show you-

wp database

Then check for wp-user and Click on it

wp-user in phpmyadmin

Now you can see- user_login , user_pass, user_nicename , user_email and more. You can also change your user name and email just simply click on them and fill your username or email and then press Enter.

But in case of  ’user_pass’, you will notice that there are lot of random characters in the password field. Because of security reasons, wordpress stores the password as MD5 Hash not in plain text.

That’s why you will not be able to enter simple password in this field. You need a MD5 generator online to generate your password.


Here a Recommended Tool: JavaScript MD5 

Just type your password in the tool and generate result for MD5, then copy and past it in “user_pass”  field and then ok / go to save / or Enter.

Your WordPress password is successfully changed. Now you able to login in admin area of your site.