Article writing is the important part of the blog. You should know about the best way of article writing. Here is some tips to improve your content and post of your blog.

Best Article Writing

1.  Title – important role

Title, it means lot important part of article writing. Your title describe on which topic your article based. Always make some unique title and it’s relevant to your article. Always use high rank optimized keywords.   And it would be more attractive to grab attention of a reader. Your title should contain 60-70 chars only.

2. Research some facts about your content

First make conformed about your article that you shared on your website. Search your topics on different website and write only correct and to the pint topics only. Search your topic doesn’t mean that copy and paste it. You learn from there and shared to your website simple.

Keep your format easy3. Keep format easy

As you know that no one likes to read term paper. Always trying to used correct language and use simple vocabulary so that users easily understand your views. Break your content by using head, subhead, list or paragraph break, etc.

That’s why user bookmarked your website and always visit your website when they need some help relevant to your website

4. Contain visuals – photos, videos, graphs, etc

Always make your article more attractive. If you article is attractive visitor’s engage on your website. That gives a more page impression also. To make attractive, used latest photos on this article. Always remember photos say’s thousands of word and describe your article, so keep in mind use only correct images. Also used videos, info graphic, etc.

6. Article Should Search Engine Friendly.

Mean to say search engine friendly is that your article content optimized keyword. That help you article to appear in Google results.

7. Socialized Your Article:

Used social networking websites such as micro blogging website twitter, Facebook, Linked etc. This website daily gets more than 10 lakhs visitors daily.

8. Link building:

Link building is good for article SEO. Two types of link building (1) Internal, (2) External. Link building is the strategies to make visitor stay on website for long periods.


9 End Ask visitors to do something:

In end when your article is going to finished. Always put a question or ask visitor to view video or download some eBooks.

I hope, next time you remember these points when writing article for your blog or for other’s websites. If you have some tips/suggestion about article writing, Please share you view through comment. We need your feedback.